Sunday, March 20, 2011

…whileitlasts… says bye-bye to y'all

thx to all the people who showed up on friday and made the
last session an epic one!

thanks a million times to the bäckerei for making the project
possible in the first place.

it was hella fun building, skating and partying over there!
really good to see 5 generations of skateboarders being
united under the same roof.

thx to all the builders, skater, motivators, filmers, photographers, dj`s, vj`s,
lurkers, boys, girls, men, women and all the people that showed interest
in what was going down over there!

we are looking forward to see the loop move to asti's spot.
the quarters and the curbs will be going to hall, park in.

…whileitlasts… has to close its gates but don't worry... spring is
right 'round the corner and as you all know landhausplatz was
build to be skated.

we still got a bunch of stuff we`d like to show you so stay tuned...

go skate and enjoy life,

photography by ludschi

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